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Italian language School in Florence
headquarters for Italian
language Certification

ItalianoFullImmersion organizes Italian courses for 8/10/12 months all in Florence.

The Italian language courses are tailored to meet the B2 necessary certification for the 'university enrolment
The Secretary's office deals with everything needed for optimal logistics arrangement. In Florence, we assist students to prepare the kit to obtain a residence permit.

The study visa allows entry in Italy, for a short or long period, aimed activity of study, vocational training or internship.

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Visa for Study
ITALIANOFULLIMMERSION, on request, provides support during the practice for obtaining a student visa and residence permit in Italy.

ITALIANOFULlIMMERSION can provide and book the accommodation in Florence for you  for all the stay in Florence.

Accommodation information:
indicative rates
- Single or double room with private bathroom and shared kitchen in student residence: single - € 700 per month; double - € 450 per month
- Single or double room in a flat with bathroom and kitchen: 350-500 € per month
-One Single or double room : 700-1150 € per month

All you need to know about visa
You must request a student visa if all three of the following situations:
1-You do not have Italian citizenship
2-You do not have the nationality of a member country of the European Union
3-Your course lasts more than 90 days

You do NOT need to request a visa to study
if at least one of the following situations:
-You Italian citizenship
-You Have the nationality of a member country of the European Union
-Your Course lasts less than 90 days

Course characteristics:
> Basic Course 4 hours per day, from 9 to 13 and from 14.00 to 18.00, from Monday to Friday.
> The classes consist of small groups.
> The groups are formed according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
> All teaching material is free
> ITALIANOFULLIMMERSION guarantees assistance for any logistical problem.
> Each month ITALIANOFULLIMMERSION organizes a guided tour to the monuments of Florence and its surroundings
Those who want to attend a course in Italy must obtain an entry visa, always asking us how to request it
The visa is issued within 90 days and it has a duration equal to that of the course you wish to follow.

Requirements for study:
-from 14 years old.  
-Passaporto With the validity of at least 3 months after visa
-Certificate Of registration to the chosen course, issued by the school and paying  the entire fee
-Polizza Insurance for medical treatment and hospitalization
-Round trip ticket
-Documents Proving that you have sufficient financial means for the support during the entire period to be spent in ITALY
-The Applicant, as appropriate documentation, will have to try to be in a socio-economic situation or work or family position that can guarantee its effective interest to return to own the copyright in the country of origin at the end of the validity period of the visa
Hotel -booking or suitable alternative housing solution (with documentation)

It must demonstrate the availability of means of support for repatriation and medical care that can be proven:

-having cash, , credit cards, etc. -showing  a letter of foreign bank credit institution to ensure that you have the sum